View Full Version : heading up to victoria soon

05-01-2008, 13:49
anybody have any recommendations for a day of diving in or near victoria? any recommendations for dive shops with good rental gear is appreciated. (i don't think i'll be lugging all my gear on this trip).


05-01-2008, 13:57
there's always the Boeing 737 they sunk that you could dive on.

05-01-2008, 21:02
Victoria.. nope... but it's waaaay worth it to head up north to nanaimo for the day and dive the wrecks up there (hmcs saskatchewan is 366 foot destroyer escort from ww2).. not sure what the cape breton is but another ship from ww2... second largest artificial reef in the world.

05-21-2008, 13:33
There are lots of good dive sites around victoria. Are you wanting to do boat dives or shore dives? If you have a boat you could always see the church and the mackinze. If you are doing shore dives I would head off henderson point across from the old cement factory.

05-23-2008, 21:37
Victoria has some great dive sites, and a couple of dive shops in town.

The shops are Ogden Point which is right at the Ogden Point breakwall, which is a fantastic dive site. You can rent gear right there, walk out and right into the water.

Other great sites are

10 Mile point
Henderson Point
Willis Point

Defintely dive the breakwall though. Easy entrance, and lots to see