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05-03-2008, 13:59
I will be in the keys all summer working as a DM for the boy scouts...if i get a chance i want to dive the speigle...has anybody dove it and is it worth diving it...can anyone recommend a dive shop?

WV Diver
05-03-2008, 14:04
I have used Cristal Clear Charters and Amy Slates. It's a good dive and worth doing a couple dives on. But like so many other artificial reefs she has been cleaned and had everything removed. Fun to look at without the allure of finding anything cool.

05-03-2008, 14:53
Definitely worth a dive or three. Really need more then one dive to see the whole thing. There are some other good wrecks in the area. All about the same depth. Duane is a great dive. The Eagle is not bad either. I dove with a few operators but really liked Conch Republic.

05-03-2008, 14:58
I did it once, cant get enough, goin back in July. Also have to do Duanne if I am in the neighborhood.

05-03-2008, 15:00
On vacation about 3 weeks ago. I dove with 2 charter services:

1. Quiescence Diving Services - Key Largo - They have three 6-pack boats. I found them to be professional and all their Captains showed good boat handling skills. If you make reservations, double check them, since they screwed mine up and had me listed for only reef dives (even though I double checked with them 3 times prior to my first day of diving). They made up for it by taking me and the wife (by ourselves) out the next day to the Duane. I would give them a thumbs up.:smiley20:

2. Conch Republic - Tavernier - They have 2 boats (one large, one small). I don't have really anything negative with them other than their pre-dive briefing. One Captain lectured us for 10 minutes once we arrived at the dive site. This was after 2 other lectures (one at the dock and one in-route). I know they need to do pre-dive safety lectures but WOW. The staff in the office is very knowledgable and you can tell they are also divers. Boats are in good condition. DM's are helpful and help those who need help and leave others that don't alone. I would give them a thumbs up.:smiley20:

WV Diver mentioned Cristal Clear Charters. I dove with them on a previous trip but they moved out of the Keys Motel location. Not sure if they are still around since the boat and employees moved to Conch Republic. If you are interested in either of the above charters I listed, feel free to PM or Post. I have more info if needed (more goods and bads). Both charter services have web-sites and list prices.