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05-03-2008, 23:24
I purchased a slightly used Zeagle Brigade from a member here -Seabass. The thing that caught my eye was he was selling it with both a large and XL shoulder section. I thought I might be a “tweener” so here was a perfect chance to find out. We agreed on a price and on 4/10/08 I paid him via paypal.
On 4/15/08 I received the large BC with the XL shoulders installed but not the large shoulders so here's what I wrote him (on 4/16/08):
Awesome service - received the BC yesterday afternoon- I think that's some kind of record!
Quality of the product is exactly as described as well!
One thing - I don't see the Large Shoulder harness? Is that coming via separate package?
Let me know.
Best Regards,

and his response(on the same day – 4/16/08):

yes it is, i had my fiance' package it all up the otherday, and i never checked all of it untill now that i got your e-mail,
she said it is under the bed and she didnt know it was part of the deal to go. i'll get it out to you asap. sorry for the hassle. hope you like it, i took care of it. like i said it was hardly used at all, but i know you will enjoy it.

That was the last time I ever heard from Seabass. Now, I try to think the best of people so I shoot him off a reminder – nothing. I send another – nothing. Ok maybe the guy is on vacation and not checking his emails. Time passes – nothing. Now I'm cheesed off. What to do? I can open a dispute in paypal but decide on another idea. I bill him for $120.00 – that's what it costs for a large shoulder section. I bill him on 5/2/08 via pay pal with the subject:
partial refund because I never got the Large Shoulders
Three hours later he cancels the invoice WITH NO OTHER COMMUNICATION.
I can think of no other reason other than he's trying to rip me off. Think about it. If he sent the shoulders and they got lost/delayed in the mail (it happens) he'd say so - I know I would. If he thought he had the second shoulders but didn't, he'd let me know that too so we could work something out. But to completely ignore my emails and then cancel the partial refund with no further communication - I can think of nothing else except he has no intention of honoring his commitment.
So I opened a dispute with paypal and if I don't hear one of two things:
So sorry dude, I meant to mail them and things kept getting in the way, but they are in the mail and here's the tracking number
I thought I had them but I looked everywhere and can't find them. Here's that partial refund, go get yourself some shoulders.I'll bump it to a paypal claim and forward them all my correspondence- I think I've got a pretty good case.
Regardless of how this all turns out - I feel Seabass acted less than honorably. As I told him – he's either a really sh*tty communicator or he's trying to rip me off and he had no trouble communicating at the start of our transaction- hmmm
Murphy's law being what it is – Turns out I'm a solid Large Shoulders and the Xls are a little too sloppy.

05-13-2008, 16:38
Long drawn out story comes to a close – turns out “Seabass” either didn’t have the large shoulders or had no intention of shipping them. I opened a dispute, and then a claim with paypal.

Paypal was a friggin joke! Because I chose to label the dispute “significantly not as described” rather than “did not receive goods” paypal repeatedly washed their hands of the whole thing. I mean it was funny – even in the midst of all this aggravation, paypal had me bustin a gut. I got an email that basically said – "because the item was not as described we can’t do anything" – and they closed my claim. I respond and say "I didn’t receive an item, lets change it to didn’t receive an item", they come back and say "because the item was not as described we can’t do anything", I say – "you’re not listening, I made a mistake in saying not as described – really I didn’t receive the item." They say – you guessed it - "because the item was not as described we can’t do anything." I try to open another claim (remember they already closed my claim) on the same transaction – nope can’t do that. Absolutely worthless.

What got me my partial refund was shaming Senor Seabass to his boss! Turns out he linked his paypal account to his work email and I got his bosses email and started CC’ing the boss and mentioning how this whole sordid affair reflects poorly on the corporation and hinting HQ might want to know what types of employees they have at this particular branch.

Anyway, time to order my new shoulders!:smiley20: