View Full Version : Sea&Sea DX 860G

05-07-2008, 23:26
Has anyone had much experience w/ this camera? I understand it was discontinued, but a new edition is coming out soon (if not already).

I just wanted to know if you have one, do you like it? User friendly for a newbie?

05-08-2008, 09:27
According to the website the 860G has not been discontinued yet. The 1G was realeased about a year ago and thier probabally will be a newer model comming soon.
The 860G is a great camera and I have seen very good photos taken with it. The questions you need to ask yourself are what are you wanting out of the camera as far as functions, what type of photos will make you happy and how much $$ do you expect to pay to get these things.



05-25-2008, 19:19
I have had a DX860G for about 18months and really like it. I got the strobe package and added the wide angle lens. It is really easy to use underwater and also a great camea out of the housing to use on land.