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05-08-2008, 09:45
We spent a week in Bonaire for spring break, then learned we WON(!) a trip to the Cobalt Coast Resort in Grand Cayman.

We, of course, added a few days to our free trip, so we'll be staying there in Grand Cayman from June 5-15.

Any advice? We have boat diving set up for most of the time through DiveTech, but my 15yr. old wants to visit the Oro Verde for some photo ops. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to make it down there for a dive?

How about advice on food, things to see for my non-diving spouse and 12yr. old? We haven't been down to Grand Cayman since '86, when we won a week at a "villa" down there due to (my) excessive drinking at a charity auction (we had a blast and it was money well spent.)

So? Advice and recommendations?

05-08-2008, 10:07
Recommendation? Have Fun !!

Oro Verde is a boat dive I believe. Maybe you could talk Divetech into going there?

The snorkelling off the dock at Cobalt Coast is excellent and your non divers would probably enjoy the Stingray City snorkelling trip.
Turtle farm is another obvious thing to do.
Letting your wife go jewellery shopping in Georgetown could be dangerous.

Do some shore dives,both from Cobalt Coast and Lighthouse Point.I believe the tanks are free if you are on a boat diving package.

Food at Cobalt Coast is excellent. Lunch is reasonably priced but Dinner gets spendy. (as it does everywhere in Cayman)

05-08-2008, 10:15
I'm with Ian, I suggest that you have a good time! And that's easy to do in GC & Cobalt Coast! Divetech is awesome and the food at CC is very nice as well.

I envy you, I've only been to GC once and it's on my "go back to" list, which is very short!!

05-08-2008, 12:02
You could ask DiveTech about the Oro Verde, but I doubt they would do it unless maybe it's a fairly empty boat, already at the west side dock, and the other passengers all want to go. It's not in their normal area, they dive the North wall whenever possible, which in June will probably be all the time. That's one of the reasons people dive with them. When weather forces them to dive the west, they do the northernmost sites which are less crowded and less beat. (This is all generally a good thing.)

The Oro Verde didn't do much for me, but then I'm not a wreck fan.
But if you don't have every day booked with DiveTech, I would just check with some other ops and find one that has a regular schedule to go there on a particular day. (It's still possible they could get there and find the all the moorings taken and have to choose a different site, though the ops may cooperate some on this, and some will just leave earlier to get to the sites they want.) Possibly Sunset House or Don Fosters? You could make a day of it and shore dive there in the afternoon.

The food at Cobalt Coast is quite good. Unlike many places that seem to start good and go downhill, they have only gotten better. There are so many good restaurants on GC I wouldn't know where to start. Sort of depends on your budget and what kind of places you want to take your kids to. For someplace close to Cobalt Coast, Papagallo is very nice, and they are in a bird sanctuary and also have their own birds and other things that might interest the kids (go while it's still light to see a bit more.) There are a couple restaurants downtown that feed the tarpon at night which might also be fun. Lone Star is a bit of a tourist trap but casual and fun. Chicken Chicken is good fast food, sort of like Boston Market in the US if you're familiar with that chain.

I believe there is horseback riding someplace near Pappagallo so that might be another thing to do. There used to be minigolf at one of the hotels on SMB but I don't know if it's still there. They could take the ferry (if that still runs) over to Rum Point for the day.

05-12-2008, 21:13
Oro Verde is a decent dive- but if you want a better wreck dive for photos see if you can hit the Balboa on a non cruise ship day

food- do do do eat at the local stands ! the food is amazing and cheap and generous....
the restaurants in georgetown are way over priced.......

check out the website for the Cayman Activity Guide- lots of great tips

have fun!

05-30-2008, 10:49
Thanks for all the great advice. We're leaving on Thursday and everyone is getting psyched.
This weekend is "test pack no. 2" since we are trying to stay under all the new luggage restrictions with a 10-day trip. Plus, I'm taking my full UW camera setup.

Thank goodness, we got our tickets early enough to be exempt from Continental's new "1 bag rule".