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coral cowgirl
05-13-2008, 15:12
Has anyone had opportunity to dive Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands? I've found some info on it but it's pretty dated. We may have opportunity to dive there and I want to check it out before coughing up the airfare.

05-17-2008, 00:21
I did a lot of research on it a couple of years ago. When I was ready to seriously book the trip, I spoke with Mike who used to own Trips and Tours who has been booking trips to the Pacific for 30 years. He thought it was great....after I told him where I have dove ie...Palau, Fakarava, Rangiroa, Christmas Island etc....he said it was like Hawaii diving and the only way to see it was an LOB.....being I've done a lot of Hawaii Diving (Yawn...except for the Manta Dive in Kona) and I'm not in love with LOB's...I passed....Hope this helps...

coral cowgirl
05-17-2008, 01:23
Hmmm....don't think I'd want to travel over half the world to dive something similar to Hawaii, although it would be cool if headed there anyway.

I thought Kwaj had a lot of wrecks in the big lagoon and supposedly at one time had one of the largest scuba clubs in the world.
Kwajalein Scuba Club (http://www.kwajaleinscubaclub.com/)

05-17-2008, 09:16
Sorry...I was looking at Bikini and Majuro Atoll....and being I'm not into wrecks that much and the diving just looked so so I passed...If I remember there is a German battleship or something(s) that is sunk at the Kwajalein Atoll....If you are into wrecks and hard corals maybe a good spot.