View Full Version : May 17&18 Oronogo

05-14-2008, 22:58
Sorry to say I've been very busy but it's paid off. Got my Halcyon Back Plate yesterday and my DUI Dry Suit today. So, I'll be testing out some new equipment this weekend at Oronogo. Then the wife and I leave for Cozumel on Tuesday...
Bob...I got your message last week but I was tied up with family and I forgot to call you. Hope to see some of you guy's this weekend.

05-14-2008, 23:16
No prob Ken,

We had 3 good dives-missed seeing you there.

Brandon Belew
05-15-2008, 17:35
I might be there on sunday, driving back from KC sunday morning super early.

05-15-2008, 22:40
Guy's for the rest of the summer anytime you see me at Oronogo diving I will be involved in some sort of Cert. Class. I'm pushing to get my IDC done before the years end and have my Instructor's Cert. And doing alot of "Specialty" Certs. along the way. While taking my Rescue and going directly into the DM program.