View Full Version : A suggestion for a new thread: DIY Gear

08-05-2007, 18:41

While I LOVE my "new" gear and my "gently used" gear I am also a diehard DIYer. How about a thread for DIY ideas and a thread for tech tips for all of us nuts who insist on just buying parts to service our own gear.

If said threads exist and I missed them I repent in sack cloth and ashes.

aka Robert

08-05-2007, 18:53
OK. I REALLY am an IDIOT. I somehow missed the large DIY on the thread list. O man, I don't think this post should even count toward any gift cirtificates.

ScubaToys Larry
08-05-2007, 22:59
I like the way you say your post shouldn't count... In another post instead of editing the other one! Ok... I see how you roll. :smiley36:

08-31-2007, 20:07
Hehehehe now that WAS a hoot :blind_man:

I must admint though I did the same thing last month.


08-31-2007, 22:13
A post is a post. and this post might make me the only recent post in allof community!!!!