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05-16-2008, 17:49
Been a diver for a while, but new to the forum...looking forward to "gettin' wet" with everyone!
I have got an Oceanic VEO 100 wrist mounted dive computer and I need to change the battery. Apparently I'm not as good at following instructions as I thought...I got the battery itself replaced...I just can't get the thing back together!! The instructions are not very clear to me.. specifically, does the clear plastic battery cover and rubber o-ring just sit on top of the battery compartment and lock into place with the black outer ring? I went on that assumption and now can't get the outer ring to lock in place. Am I correct or am I way off base? I would appreciate any advise. Tanks...

05-16-2008, 18:21
I don't no anything about that computer.....but Welcome to the ST Forum!

05-16-2008, 20:03
Here is the link to the manual, battery replacement is on page 47. http://www.oceanicworldwide.com/pdf/12-2373-r03.pdf

Here are the instructions from the manual ... good luck

Slide a new 3 volt type CR2450 Lithium Battery, negative (-)
side down into the Battery Cavity. Slide it in from the right
side and ensure that it slides under the contact clip on the left
rim of the cavity (Fig. 49).
Orient the Retaining Bar across the lower portion of the
Battery and carefully push it down into position (Fig. 50).
Replace the Hatch O-ring with a new one which must be a
genuine Oceanic part that can be purchased from an Authorized
Oceanic Dealer. Use of any other O-ring will void the
Lightly lubricate the new Hatch O-ring with silicone grease
and place it on the inner rim of the Battery Hatch (Fig. 51).
Ensure that it is evenly seated.
Slide the Hatch Retaining Ring, top portion first (small opening),
onto your thumb.
Carefully place the Battery Hatch (with O-ring) into position
on the rim of the Battery Compartment, then press it evenly
and completely down into place with your same thumb.
Maintain the Battery Hatch securely in place and, using your
other hand, slide the Retaining Ring down off your thumb and
into position around the Battery Compartment.
The tabs on the Retaining Ring fit down into the two slots
located at the 2 and 8 o'clock positions.
Using your fingers, turn the Ring counter clockwise 5 degrees
until the tabs engage (Fig. 52), then tighten it 5 more degrees
by turning it counter clockwise with the aide of a small
blade screwdriver (Fig. 53).
While tightening the Retaining Ring, exert continuous inward
pressure on it until it is secured in the proper position. A
small symbol located on the Ring should be aligned with the
Locked symbol located on the Housing (Fig. 53 a)