View Full Version : Florida Keys (I would like a buddy!)

05-17-2008, 15:30
Hey! I will be down in the Key's from July 27th - August 3rd. I don't know what the shore diving is like there, but I wouldn't mind doing a few days of it. I want to get in as much diving as possible and plan to book one of the 5-trip charters but at 300 + dollars I can only do that once. But I want to get in more diving than that. This is my first trip to the Key's and I don't know anything about the locations and specifics to the area, so saftey is paramount, obviously. Plus, since my wife doesn't dive, I don't have anyone to tag along with. It's just me. Can you show me the ropes and keep me out of danger? Let me know if you can and perhaps we can work something out once we talk. THANKS!:smiley20:

05-18-2008, 00:58
from what i've read... the shore diving in the keys is none existent-to very scarce

05-18-2008, 01:05
Yeah, thats what I've now read too. Bummer. Thanks, though!