View Full Version : Tennessee, near Knoxville, Memorial day weekend

the register
05-18-2008, 20:55
I'm going to be visiting my wife's family in Harriman TN. I'll be there late Friday through Tuesday and was hoping I could get a dive in sometime that weekend.

I'm just a newb, got certified this past Jan on my honeymoon, and would be going there with nothing but a snorkel and mask (and some snorkeling fins), so I'd be needing to rent everything.

So my 2 questions, any recommendations on places to go diving for a newb in that area -- a place where I could show up by myself and meet up with some people for a dive or 2? I also will probably be time-constrained (visiting so I probably shouldn't be tied up all day) so hopefully I could go somewhere where I wouldn't need to wait a long time for a group to build up.

And, assuming the place doesn't have a shop on-site (or even if it does), any good recommendations on places to rent gear in that area?

Thanks a lot for any pointers everybody

the register
05-18-2008, 21:00
A couple places I've seen from my searching around online:
Philadelphia Quarry, Loch low-minn.

Either of these fit the bill? Also, what sort of suit would I need? I'm not looking to go dry right now, and I know its been 70s/80s down there, but don't know how that translates to water temp in may.