View Full Version : Who's using a Nexus 3 from Whites?

05-19-2008, 09:08
I am considering to buy a trilam Whites model Nexus 3. I live in Canada so the water is a bit chilly sometimes! I am not the the freezing type of guy as I dive most of the time with a 7mm Henderson and put the the 14 mm only end of September and October.

The package seems very interresting and it is the only dry suit that I fit in without beeing custom made as I tried all other brands on the market. I think at 1500$ tx included ( and brand new) it is a good deal

Any good or bad experience with this dry suit or the company? Please share as I am still a bit confused.:smiley29:

05-20-2008, 09:16
As I recall those are made up there aren't they. I have used them here in 37 degree water. Good suit. I thought I saw they where having a factory sale on some models recently. For me though the border becomes a bit of an issue at times. For the record though, I have seen them used as rentals and they hold up well.