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05-21-2008, 13:34
I think there should be a place on this forum for posting dive reports. It should not be by geographic area, just one place. Each time some one does a dive they could start a new thread and post a short debrief of the dive saying what they saw and the water condiotions. I think it would be fun to read first hand accounts of dives from far away places What's just a normal dive for you is something very differnt for me. For example I've never been on a quarry and I'm sure many readers here have not dove in So. Cal.

I figure with all the divers here there could be hundreds of new threads per week

05-21-2008, 15:58
if they do this they will still probially need to classify by region at the very least so that it becomes searchable also maby they could make it not part of the forum but a seperate piece of web site. I'm envisioning somthing where somebody can have a form similar to a dive log to enter stuf like location, time of day depth temp and then a paragraph or two on the dive and attach some pics for everybody. Sorry don't mean to hijack here just some additional thoughts.

coral cowgirl
05-21-2008, 16:38
Trip reports are one of the most valuable features to me...use them to make determination on where to go.
It would be nice to keep them in one area, perhaps classifed by area, to refer to.

05-21-2008, 19:26
Ditto to the above!!

05-21-2008, 20:52
yes have to at least put them in some order so people can find them. most right now are posted on trips and travels . sounds like a good idea