View Full Version : Akona Pony Bag

05-22-2008, 11:06
I just got a 13 cf pony tank and ordered this Akona pony bag.

http://www.akona.com/product.php?product_id=220 (http://www.akona.com/product.php?product_id=220)

I got the bag in the mail today, has several velcro straps, so I am curious on how I need to carry it?

05-22-2008, 17:10
On the back there should be a piece of 2" webbing that is sewn in and makes a loop. Your tank band goes through this. When you tighten the tank band this will snug the bag in. You want to place the pony as close to you bcd as possible so it will not flop around too much.

These bags work okay (I had one for a while). Some folks prefer a more rigid attachment.

05-23-2008, 07:48
I was wondering what the 2" webbing was for. Good to Know. Thanks