View Full Version : Close-up lenses for Olympus digicam housings

05-23-2008, 20:52
close-up lenses for Olympus digicam housings

High performance digicam macro imaging!!
BC pocket fitting, super compact and light weight. Easy to use flip type.


One-touch mountinghttp://www.fisheye-jp.com/english/culens/images/blank.gifhttp://www.fisheye-jp.com/english/culens/images/culens_01.jpghttp://www.fisheye-jp.com/english/culens/images/blank.gif
Just attach lens base to housing before dive and freely flip lens(es) into position as necessary during dive. Change the number of lenses used according to subject size. (Even with lens base only installed, possible to take images as usual.)

Close-up lenses for Olympus (http://www.fisheye-jp.com/english/culens/index.html)