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MEL-DC Diver
08-06-2007, 10:47
Can you and/or Larry answer this question - What is involved in the servicing of a BC? Frankly, there doesn't appear to be much to the whole thing outside of the inflator hose and the dumps, so what steps are taken in this service?

The reason I ask is that I would like to give this a go myself, so if there is a parts kit available and anything I should know before doing it, it would be much appreciated.


MEL-DC Diver
08-06-2007, 13:26
Note: Larry, FOO2, and I just had a chat about this. The following is an excerpt, edited for relevant content:

Welcome! You have entered [ScubaToys Divers] at 1:54 pm

[MEL-DC Diver] 1:55 pm: yep - hey, larry. did you see my servicing post on the brigade
[] 1:55 pm: Uh.. no... I'll go look!
[MEL-DC Diver] 1:56 pm: good to know that I can bother larry and others when the mood strikes me
[] 1:56 pm: Bother me anytime!

[MEL-DC Diver] 1:56 pm: i put it in the zeagle section for scott, but figured you'd know also
[] 1:58 pm: Ok... wondering about servicing it?
[] 1:58 pm: Really.. nothing to do. I really never do anything with mine...
[MEL-DC Diver] 1:58 pm: yeah - I want to start doing this stuff for myself and figured I'd start small
[MEL-DC Diver] 1:59 pm: well then how come everyone is always insisting that you get it serviced?
[] 1:59 pm: But if you do want a full service, this is what we do.. Remove all the exhausts, check the gaskets and spray some silicone on them.
[] 1:59 pm: Then you check or service the inflator.
[MEL-DC Diver] 1:59 pm: that's it? what about the inflator button
[] 2:00 pm: That consists of replacing a shraeder valve in there - but if not leaking - probably no need.
[MEL-DC Diver] 2:00 pm: ok, just use an allan key on that and open it up and spray around
[] 2:00 pm: hey larry...i bought a bc from duh duh duuuuuuuuh...ebay. i'm broke and needed an older bc. i was wondering how much it costs to get them serviced at the shop?
[MEL-DC Diver] 2:01 pm: just do what he said here
[] 2:01 pm: Really, the only thing that ever goes bad is the inflator ends. You can buy the whole end for $29.00 and just replace it. Probably easier and faster than fixing.
[MEL-DC Diver] 2:01 pm: yeah, my only issue is that my inflator button is a little sticky
[] 2:02 pm: hmmm....i'm a really new newbie and a lot of that sounds really foreign to me
[] 2:02 pm: A service is normally $29 - and that is just cleaning, checking, and changing the one valve in the inflator.
[] 2:02 pm: Sticky button is probably the o-ring on the valve. I keep using the term shreader valve - and then I'm thinking you may not know what that is.
[] 2:02 pm: Same valve in a car tire.
[] 2:03 pm: Holds the air back until you push in on it.
[MEL-DC Diver] 2:03 pm: ok, where can I get one?
[] 2:03 pm: That is what they use... same valve.
[] 2:03 pm: Just steal one out of your buddy's tire.
[] 2:03 pm: Or... go to an auto parts store.
[] 2:03 pm: They are about a buck or two.
[] 2:04 pm: There is also a Shreader valve tool - again at the auto store for about 3 bucks to take them out.
[] 2:04 pm: I carry one of those, a few valves, and a whole inflator end in my save a dive kit.

08-06-2007, 13:35
Thanks for posting your chat here. I was looking forward to the answer after I saw you post this...

I'm a newbie with a Brigade, and was wondering about maint....

08-06-2007, 21:01
Ace the 'e' and add a 'c' -- it's Schrader valve (stem) ... (he was German) ... :)

MEL-DC Diver
08-06-2007, 21:07
Ace the 'e' and add a 'c' -- it's Schrader valve (stem) ... (he was German) ... :)

I'll let you tell Larry he has a spelling problem

08-06-2007, 21:08
Ace the 'e' and add a 'c' -- it's Schrader valve (stem) ... (he was German) ... :)

I'll let you tell Larry he has a spelling problemAs long as you keep buying stuff from him, Larry will let you correct his spelling all day long ... :)