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08-06-2007, 13:19
Hi every one my name is Kim P and I had some experiences I would like to share with all Florida Divers.
I do group diving events and last weekend I had a 3 day event.
Here is the story:
Good morning all my friends and thanks you for making this event such fun.
Friday night we had 9 diver show up for our night dive is was great fun and we are discovering some great new divers . The dive itself was a lot of fun sleeping fish are so cool and we (showboat) got some great pictures. (post em Mr Dan) I had a few issues since my tank was empty even though I had dropped it of at Dixie Divers the day before to have it filled but it was empty with tape on it, once again Dan saved the day by loaning me a tanks. Thanks Dan ;) When I returned to the Dixie Divers to find out why the tank had tape on it but it was not filled the shop employee looked up at me and said “You mean you did not check your tank before you left the shop?” I then stated that this was a air fill and no other dive shop require you to check air only Nitrox and it was taped that mean it has been filled …. He did not say another word took my tank and filled it and said HERE, no I am sorry we messed up your dive or my mistake it wont happen again … nothing just HERE so I took my tank and left to go to Saturday morning’s event.
Saturday morning’s event was amazing we had 25+ divers show up and bring food dive and spend the whole morning with great company. Bonus one of our new members has a wife who cooks mmmm she brought homemade chilly pie and homemade brownies OMG we had sooooo much food and divers we broke into groups and had a ball.
Saturday nights advanced boat dive:
What a mess, the story goes like this. I had all of my divers call and book their spot on the boat and tell them they where with Kim Porter’s group. I informed the dive shop on several occasions that these divers are from online and I may not personally know them so PLEASE ask certification level and I told them they would all say “Kim Porter’s group” .
Every diver that called and booked was quoted 6 shoe 6:30 go unless they need tanks then come to the shop before the dive to pick them up and they would have to deliver them back to the shop after the dive. Since I needed to collect money to pay all at once some of my divers had not paid so I showed up at 5:15 to meet them collect $$ and then sent them over to the boat, my tanks was getting filled for the dive as well and I rented a tank also. Cliff and I then looked at the manifest … Dixie divers did not make who was in Kim Porter’s group even though we all had stated “Kim Porter’s group” At 6 we (cliff and I) decided to go ahead and pay … this is was all the divers that where going to show … we had 10. While cliff went in the back room with the owner to take care of the money transaction I checked to see if my tank was ready. The large man who fills the tanks said it is going to take 45 minutes … I was like the goes at 6:30 and I have had this tank here for you since 5:15, I asked do think the boat will leave me? He said yes and smiled so I was like ok he just messing with me and went ahead and analyzed the rental Nitrox tank it is now 6:15 my phone rings and it is Showboat aka Dan on the boat calling me to tell my the boat is leaving the dock … with Dan on the phone I went into the shop said the boat is leaving it is not 6:30 please call and tell them to wait …. The Owner looked at me and just shrugged his shoulders like …. So. Now I am mad and I asked Dan to put the captain (NICK PALMER) on the phone he refused to take it and said we are not turning around because we will miss the draw bridge that only opens every 30 minutes. Now my people on the boat are getting upset tell the captain and they want him to turn around or they will not dive… he then told them “SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN” …. By this time every on of my group is calling me and the shop. No results, so in the state of mind I was in (pissed) I walked into the dive shop right into the back room and took all the money right out of Cliffs hand … looked straight at the owner and said if you do not turn the boat around you will not get paid and walked out of the store with the money. My people on the boat are now upset and saying if you won’t take the phone the call you shop on the marien radio and see that what we are telling you is correct Captain Nick Palmer said “We do not have a marine radio aboard” No my guest are getting worried what if something happens … not radio omg. By this time Pavan (owner) is trying to reach the captain he would not answer so the shop had my call one of my friends on the boat and try to give the so called captain the phone telling him it was the shop owner. Captain Nick Palmer said “What part of no do you not understand? Shut the Fu#* up and sit back down” Ok so the boat belongs to Dixie Diver and they hire a captain who must now like to make $$ cause I still have it. After about 15 minutes I calmed down and brought my rental tank back in for a refund on my CC at that time the fat man who fills the tanks is talking to another diver in the store and said loudly yes most divers a a bit nuts like that one over there and pointed at me and called me crazy. This hurt my feeling I had worked so hard on this event and it brought tears to my eyes Pavan is still fiddling around with my refund on my card and doing something else and said I really need my card back because I did not want to cry in a store that is ok with insulting a costomer in that manor … finally he finished I left to go se it the boat was at port I was at the dock at 6:25 no boat so I went back to the store and talked to cliff outside and said here is the money … I do not want to go back inside to be insulted so would you please go pay for the divers on the boat only … it’s was only fair. Cliff went to the front door and it was locked … he gave the money sign to Pavan and Pavan said NO LEAVE …. So we left and Cliff went back later to pay.
As it turns out Lady go diver did not make the draw bridge anyway and sat there for 30 minutes until it opened again … instead of turning around and coming back he sat for the 30 minutes and waited for the draw bridge to open and went out. Cliff went and paid and asked what he was going to do to make it right for me Pavan said absolutely nothing will I do for her.
Sunday afternoon dive we had 10 divers show up and we dove the Jack very nice dive and we had a great time.
Until next Time
Kim P
Over and out

08-06-2007, 18:39
hey divergirl.

I know what your talking about. Read an earlier post of mine and you will understand what I mean.


the gooch
08-07-2007, 23:21
Wow, that really sucks. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

08-08-2007, 11:27
That sounds horrible. If I had an experience like that, I would never go back with them again, and I'd be telling everyone to stay away. How do places like this stay in business?

08-18-2007, 23:56
Well live and learn ... no call was every made to me from this shop soo they lost my business ...
I went out with RJ Diving Adventures and it was fun and a top notch boat and crew
Kim P

08-23-2007, 22:55
Hey Kim, Wow you not the only one I see that has problems with Dixie diver I use to rent my tanks from them and for some reson there was all ways problems in that store, This guy should not be in Business the last time I walked in, There was a man who had his gear serviced and was ready to beat the owner because his gear malfunctioned and he freaked out and Bailed his gear, They messed up his BCD, fist stag and few more things, as i walked out the door for good this place is bad news. :smiley21:

08-23-2007, 23:06
I have used http://www.southfloridadiving.com/coral_princess.htm a couple times (including some of my OW cert dives)

08-24-2007, 18:45
Kim, similar experience with Dixie Divers. My wife and I dive every month, and we usually schedule a month or two in advance. We called DD in July to set up our Sept dive, and was told we were first on the boat and could pick the site, which we did. Were diving sat afternoon, then quick turn and dive sunday morning. Well two weeks later we get a voice mail on my phone, saying that those trips were chartered and we would have to move our dives. I emailed Pavan and got a response very similar to yours. He did not care, that we had been kicked off the boat, so that he could charter it to a group two weeks after we had signed on. we are diving with Splash Down Divers from boynton beach. Will let you know how it goes. Have you dove with them?

08-26-2007, 08:31
My wife and I are going to Ft Laud in Oct. Glad I saw this post. NOT going to that shop!!!!

08-26-2007, 08:46
Thats garbage I wish there was a way to remove ownership from those type of people and give it to someone who dreams of owning a diveshop.

09-01-2007, 23:27
Glad I read the whole thread. Looks like you are talking about a South Fla "Dixe Divers" At 1st I tought you were talking about Dixe Diver's of Panama City, FL. So far they have been a class act. Hope they don't pick up the attitude of the S.FL Dixie divers.

09-02-2007, 09:35
should post a link to that site so we can totally avoid it. thats why i love my lds becasue they have theirown boat and captain. people like this give dive operations a bad name

sorry you had a bad experince
will check off dixie divers for me

09-02-2007, 10:49
What a horror story! If that many people on the boat wanted to turn around, I think the boat would have been turned around, regardless of whether or not the captain was the one turning it.

09-02-2007, 14:38
seriously maybe someone needs to check with the coast guard and even the police. not to stir trouble that is a form of kidnapping or unlaw detaining and i don;t think you guys were terrorist

09-02-2007, 14:52
Last words before the boat turned around, "Either you turn around now or hope to God you can swim!" :)

09-02-2007, 14:57
yeah, some capt. tells me something like that, he had better be armed.

I would contact the Better Business Bureau in that area, as well as the local chamber of commerce. Get the word out so they don't get someone hurt or worse.

09-02-2007, 14:59
sounds like the word is out maybe we can get a thread going about defunked dive operations, ( but might be a litigation issue).

and most captains are armed , beer gut!!!