View Full Version : Aeroskin Polyolefin jumpsuit

05-29-2008, 14:40
Does anybody know where I can get one of these. Its the one with the spine guard down the back & knee pads. Tried AEROSKIN web site but it's been under construction for the past year. These suits are great in the summer diving in the Red Sea. No need for wetsuits!! Mine has been well used now for 10 years (4 dives a day for 4 months as I am a dive guide)and beginning to show it's age!!

01-03-2010, 18:23
hi, Aeroskin California now has a new website and updated, please visit
aeroskindivestore.com - Aeroskin award winning dive apparel since 1995 (http://aeroskindivestore.com) if you want to browse the product you are looking for thank you :smiley20: