View Full Version : East coast trip report

05-30-2008, 22:23
I just went on a 60' dive off the coast (about 6 miles out) of Ft Pierce. I have to say it was actually better than my recent trip to Marathon in the Keys. Although vis was about 20 feet, which was not great, there was tons of life on these artificial reefs. There were two Goliath's, one true monster (maybe 3-400 lbs?), tons of snook and other life. This particular reef was just a pile of concrete pillars and slabs, maybe 15' of relief off the bottom, and there was lots of colorful growth. I really want to visit some of these artificial wrecks that are in deeper water right off the east coast. When conditions get better, this summer, I have a feeling it will make some great diving. Anybody been recently?