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06-02-2008, 16:34
We had plans to go to Mermet, but once we heard about the terrible viz we decided to drive the extra 80 miles to Penny Royal. One of the best decisions we made in a long time. This was the first time we dove the quarry located in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. One in our group was finishing up a dry suit class on Sunday at Mermet, so we went back to Mermet on Sunday, but the diving on Saturday was absolutely fabulous at Penny Royal.

Viz was atleast 30 feet maybe more. We didn't attempt any deep dives because we were all new to the drysuit thing. The attractions are located in shallower water 30-40 feet. I was amazed at the visibility of the quarry. Very good. The water was a little on the colder side, mid 50's.

Dennis, owner, and his son, Kyle are great people. They explained the quarry to us and came and talked to us during the surface intervals. They suggested a great steakhouse in town (can't remember the name). Great steak - 2 inches thick and cooked to perfection. If you visit the quarry definately check this place out - Dennis can tell the name.

Accomodations: They have a snack shack that serves burgers and such, a changing room, that needs a little repair, and no running water (johnny on the spots).

Really my only gripe is that they don't clean the attractions - a lot of silt built up on the motorcycle and boats and such.

All in all a great day of diving and definately much better viz at this time than Mermet - well worth the extra hour and a half drive.

S. Nagel

06-02-2008, 20:51
The steak house was "Horse Shoe", but you might need GPS to find it :)