View Full Version : Trouble with UK C8

06-05-2008, 02:51
Ok so I have an older UK C8 light that will not light for lack of a better phrase. I have new batteries in the light and can get the bulbs to light up if I touch them to a 9v battery.

I have taken it apart and there is no corrosion on the connections that I can see and they are all intact and makeing contact as best as I can tell. The only slight abnormality at all I can find is some blistering in the mettle connection from + to - that goes at the bottem of the light by the spring. By blistering I do not mean corrosion It is more like the chrome or whatever they used to cover the original mettle is flakeing off.

Could this be what is causeing my problem or do you have any other ideas as to why it is not fireing up like it should. the only thing I have not done is taken the line tester out yet but I probialy will if I have time this weekend.

06-05-2008, 07:59
get a volt meter and trace the wires - see where the voltage stops... that type of corrosion can definitely make resistance high enough that battery voltage wouldn't flow through it, but its hard to say with testing it...