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06-05-2008, 14:15
I am looking at purchasing some equipment for myself and the wife and two of the BCs I have been looking at are the Escape and the Brigade. I was wondering what the major differences are? I know there are more D rings on the Brigade and I see the differences in the weight systems but are there more differences after that?

I have been using the Scubapro Nighthawk when I dive and the one feature I really liked was the weight system. I see that same style on the Escape so that kind of draws me to it. I did try the Brigade on when I was at the store and it fit well but do not remember trying on the Escape.

Do they both have the new bx inflator?
What about the adjustable cumberbund, chest strap and shoulder straps?

Any insight is appreciated.

06-06-2008, 08:40
I can tell you that the Escape definitely has the adjustable cummerbund, chest strap and should straps.

The escape now has 4 metal D rings on it.