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06-07-2008, 09:11
I've got a quick quesion. I would like to add that this is my first camera housing and I am a novice. I bought a camera housing for my Canon A630 which is rated to 130'. I went to Cozumel with it checked it out at home and when I got there....no leaks. I went diving first dive around 60ft no leaks...to make a long story short every dive after that there started with a few drops of water in the casing and more and more every dive after that. After the last time I took it there was quite a bit of water in the housing. Not enough to ruin the camera but quite a bit. When I started noticing water in the housing I pulled the O-ring and checked for salt deposits and added a little more silicone. Other notes are that the deeper I went 80-100ft the more water got in the housing. The shallower I stayed not so much. I also didn't have any moisture munchers in the housing. So after all that my LOL quick question is "Is this normal?" I can see a little condensation forming from not having the moisture munchers but this was a little more than the average condensation.

Any tips advice would be welcome.


06-07-2008, 12:07
"Drops of water" would mean you have a leak somewhere. There should be no water at all.
Condensation is possible if you are in a warm moist climate or you take your kit from an air conditioned room to the heat outside, as your camera is left on when diving and heats up it can cause the casing to fog as well, this is where the moisture munchers help out, not so much with a leak.

Most likely there is some debris either on the O ring or in the groove of the housing. If you have access to a pool (10 ft plus would be ideal) tie the empty housing off to a weight and submerge for 30 min or so and inspect for drops. If you have cleaned the O ring and housing and can find no other reasons you can try to return to the manufacture for testing.....

Good luck!

06-08-2008, 22:19
Thanks Devil,

I was thinking a small leak myself but wanted to get someone elses opinion. I'll check it again and take it to Clear Springs, or Lake Travis in Austin where I can go deeper. If nothing else we are going to the Texas Clipper in early July and thats plenty deep to check it out again. Like I stated it was more than mere condensation inside the housing and I'll call Canon if I get some more water inside. I'll give it a thorough looking over before I go in the water. I just kept thinking I missed something, aka rookie mistake, with this being my first housing and experience with underwater photography.


06-08-2008, 22:53
Please be aware that silicone is not a sealant, it is a lubricant only. Use sparingly - as too much actually increases chance of a flood. If this is consistent every dive, I'd send the housing back for repair - this is not normal. If you use it before getting it serviced, cut up a sanitary napkin and put in the biggest piece you can fit in the bottom of the housing - they'll absord a lot of water. Even a few drops of water can ruin your camera if they get in the wrong place (especially salt water).

06-09-2008, 05:52
water in your housing is not good . and is NOT normal. i would not put a camera in a housing that was leaking drops of water untill the leak is fixed .

in my experence condensation will show as a film of fog on a surface on the inside of the housing ,

after checking your main oring for damage , or overstreching.
i suggest completly dry out housing to remove any residule moisture ,dry with new tissue or towel and leave in A/C room for a while .
if possible then take housing on a dive without camera inside , take along a torch and shine torch on housing and operate all buttons to see if water is coming from a particuar location .

or if you dont want to do all this just send housing back for a service .