View Full Version : Daytona

06-07-2008, 17:28
I'm Driving down to FLA in Aug. Almost the entire trip is at Disney (I am already booked at Dive Quest on the 12th if anyone is interested). But I will have a morning in Daytona on Sunday the 3rd that I could get away. I am wondering if it would be worth it to truck the gear down to do a shore dive?

06-07-2008, 17:45
I think not, but maybe somebody knows something I don't.

07-30-2008, 00:15
Wanted to bump this up since I am leaving Friday. Is it worth taking my gear for a quick dive in Daytona?

08-06-2008, 17:03
uhh, NO. Farther south, maybe, but not daytona. not very clean water, strong surf, crowded. I wouldnt.

08-07-2008, 01:03
Hello there isn't much diving in daytona not sure if it would be worth it for you. But I hope you and the family have a great vacation at disney. Keep us posted about your vacation.