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06-12-2008, 15:51
I thought briefly about posting this in a more general forum but then it occurred to me that it would be typically women answering anyway. (And even then there are many gentleman who lurk here too :smiley2: )

One of my big projects now that I am on summer vacation from teaching is to do some scrapbooking with the pictures from our Black Beard vacation and the diving that we have done here in Texas.

Have any of you out there scrapbooked your diving pictures? If so, put some pictures of your pages up on this thread! I would love to see everyone's great ideas and get inspired!


06-12-2008, 15:52
That's a cool idea. I haven't thought of doing that.

Most of my pics are all digital. Hmm, maybe I should print some of them.

06-13-2008, 06:45
I did a scrapbook from our trip to AUS a few years ago. There were quite a few underwater pages. I do not have a working scanner so I can not post them, but a diving theme would be fun to run with.

06-13-2008, 07:48
my wife has just recently started working on a couple scrapbooks... one of where we've gone and where we want to go diving... not even close to finished, I'll see if I can steal it for a sneak preview...

just a fyi, scrapbooking is expensive to start out... all the different little things add up fast... she's spent a couple hundred bucks and evidently there's more to buy... but it's good, she needs a hobby :)

06-13-2008, 11:06
I did a scrapbook from our trip to AUS a few years ago. There were quite a few underwater pages. I do not have a working scanner so I can not post them, but a diving theme would be fun to run with.

Can you take a picture of the pages? It won't be as detailed a look as with a scanner but it will give us all a peek!

06-17-2008, 14:13
i scrapbook our dive trips. but i'm a minimalist scrapper. vacation pics are usually very good, and don't need cropping, but i do crop the underwater ones usually. i just let the pics speak for themselves for the most part. i'll choose one or two on the page to mount onto colored paper for a matted effect. and i'll put some captions and explanations here and there. one thing i like to do that you may want to consider is this.....when on the trip, save little things, like a couple of coins if it's another country, your tickets to things, brochures that have pictures, a printed napkin or coaster, brochure from the hotel, etc. etc. and then for the last page in the book about that trip, do a collage from those little items, but put it on a piece of poster board a little smaller than the size of the scrapbook page to allow for a border, just attach everything collage style with the tape runner stuff, then go make a color copy of it, it turns out great. then mount the color copy onto the scrapbook page, then do a nice border around it. that way, you don't have those type items being all bulky in your scrapbook. and the color copies come out so great these days.....it will look good. i'm on my second scrapbook of our trips.

06-17-2008, 19:02
Wife scrapbook our cruise in Feb even my dive pics. What she does is look for templates from scrapbooking websites that she can insert pictures into using Photoshope and then you can all the depth and detail of a scrapbook page but you have the options of doing a custom page from the template. She got thems for $2-$3 a piece. Digital Freebies Digital Scrapbooking Supplies, Freebies and More (http://www.digitalfreebies.com/)

06-18-2008, 02:18
My website is my scrapbook.

Oops, women's forum, sorry!

06-18-2008, 07:48
Instead of doing a traditional scrapbook, I had a photo book put together using Shutterfly. I could do captions, do as many pictures per page as I wanted, and when I received the book, it turned out gorgeous. We were so impressed, I have a calendar made and will do the same for 2009 with our Bonaire pictures from this year. :D

08-04-2008, 19:59
I love to do scrapbooking even though I havent done any of my diving I am a new diver but I would love to do some soon.

08-06-2008, 12:28
I would love to see some pics of your pages....Where are the pictures everyone???

coral cowgirl
08-06-2008, 14:18
My dive log is more of a dive diary. And after each vacation trip I do a video using the photos and video taken during the trip with Adobe Premiere Elements and Photoshop. Time consuming, yes, but my dive buddies appreciate it and I can always play one of the DVDs when I need a real "fix".

08-06-2008, 16:00
I haven't done any scrapbooking. However, I do put together a video of my dive pictures with backgrounds, music, and little side notes. They turn out really well.

08-06-2008, 22:53
I like scrapbooking but haven't done it in a year or so. Never even thought about scrapping my dive photos.... I usually do family pics, but now i want to do my dive photos too.

10-26-2008, 12:16
Scrapbooking dive photos is more fun, b/c the pics are so unique! How was the blackbeard trip? My b/f and I are planning on going this summer? Is there a good time to go? I just have to wait til school gets out b/c I'm a teacher, but the rest of the summer is free.

sea princess
10-31-2008, 11:58
I just got certified with my girlfriend and we both are scrapbookers. She took some pictures underwater since i don't have a camera for that (yet) and as soon as i get my hands on them i will do some scrapping and I am sure she will too. She has her whole house full of scrapping supplies since she has an online scrap store. I am excited to hear their are fellow scapper divers. can't wait to see some layouts.