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06-16-2008, 18:18
I am super frustrated with the Aeris corporation! I purchased an Elite T3 less than 2 weeks ago and took it on 4 dives. My battery is now reading "LO". WHen I contacted customer service, they stated that they thought that I had a bad cell and that I should purchase another battery to try it out. I was thinking that after spending nearly $1K on a computer, the rep should have been doing a bit more than telling me where I can buy another battery locally. SO much for the 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

Very Frustrating, to say the least. I doubt Aeris will get any more of my business in the future

06-16-2008, 18:33
Did you buy it from ScubaToys? If so, contact them and let them know what's going on.

06-16-2008, 18:36
I wish that I did. Unfortunately I did not...Bummer!
Lesson learned!

06-16-2008, 19:04
To be honest I don't see it as a problem. Would you rather ship it in and wait 3 days to get there and 3 back, plus a couple there while they work on it? That's probably at least one to two weeks, when all it takes is 5 minutes to replace it.

IMO I think a USER replaceable battery is the best thing since sliced bread, but then I dive all the time and to me being without a computer for more than a day to be unacceptable.

06-16-2008, 19:31
A battery kit is $22. Customer service is everything to me. I do not expect to buy a product and have an issue with it in the first 2 weeks.

06-16-2008, 20:13
I agree that getting a battery locally would be an easy fix if that was the problem. If you purchased the computer locally, Aeris probably should have sent you back to the dealer to get a new computer or have them replace the battery for free. If you did not purchase the computer locally, Aeris should have had you purchase the battery and refund you the money to see if it was just the computer. If not then they should replace the computer.

06-16-2008, 20:22
What did the LDS you bought it from say, about replacing the battery, or about you demanding that they take it back???

06-16-2008, 20:25
I bought on from a shop on a trip...Therefore not too local. They suggested that I contact Aeris

06-16-2008, 20:42
I have never had anything but exceptional service from Oceanic and Aeris. Even if you bought it from an authorized dealer away from home, Aeris should have hooked you up with someone who could help you, which makes me wonder if the vendor you bought it from was an authorized dealer. You certainly do not have to post the name, but we may have identified the real issue.

06-16-2008, 20:50
According to the registration portion of the website, the LDS name was in the dropdown, leading me to believe that they were an authorized dealer

06-16-2008, 20:51
Oh well...I will run out and replace the battery on my own. I am more concerned with the principle of the issue, rather than the "quick fix"...

06-16-2008, 20:57
OK, so if the dealer was authorized, that eliminates that as an issue. Personally, I would then go bite the bullet, buy a battery, and change it. If you ask really nice your local dealer might even help you change it, even though you did not buy it from them. If the battery change does work, you will have what is generally regarded as being a great dive computer, but I would still contact customer service again and express my displeasure at being "blown off" Perhaps they will comp you a battery kit. If the battery does not solve the issue, then I would demand an RMA number from Aeris and either sent it in for repair, or demand a refund. Life is too short to be stressing over this.

06-16-2008, 21:03
look on scubaboard - pretty sure there is an Oceanic / Aeris rep on there that has posted before - send them PM and voice your displeasure to them - you never know - sometimes the initial contact is with a lower level customer service rep and you may need to go a bit higher on the chain to get some action to get the problem taken care of - hopefully you can get the issue resolved and things will work out

06-16-2008, 21:26
I could go on and on about Aeris. Ultimately, I'd just be saying that I've had nothing but problems with them on several different products.

NOTE: One of my problems was with a computer that ate a battery every 5th or so dive.

I no longer purchase their products and I don't recommend them to anyone. I think their customer service department has a sign that reads "customer's fault" since this was the 1st answer I got for everything.


06-17-2008, 14:20
wow, I've never had anything but great service from oceanic, but to be fair, I e-mailed Doug Krause (oceanic guru) directly.

06-17-2008, 14:22
I have the Aeris Elite and it sporadically shows a low battery. When I take it out and measure it is fine. Upon reinstallation the low battery symbol goes away. It happens about every 30 dives or so. I always do carry a spare just in case, but have not had to replace it.

06-17-2008, 14:33
Thanks for all of the great advice!

06-17-2008, 17:32
The kit is basically an O ring and a battery. The O ring may not always need replacement, but if you had one handy it's not a bad idea to replace it anyhow, good form and all. The battery can be bought anywhere, I keep a spare one just in case. I've changed mine once in 2 years, but I've read of other divers having the battery fail within the first few dives. I think that sometimes the computer turns on in the case somehow, I know mine was on when I first opened the case. It was so airtight you hear the pressure pop when you broke the seal and I'm guessing it's enough to depress a switch and activate the computer thus making the battery get used up.

06-17-2008, 18:21
Yeah, I do remember that my case had a distinctive pop when I first opened it

06-17-2008, 21:47
You need to be careful about the cases on flights as well. I had mine pressurize during a descent and activate the computer. I had to remove the battery to reset the computer, which thought it was on a 6' dive. Now I make sure it is safely placed, but NOT sealed tightly, in my carry-on. I hope you get the battery replaced and go enjoy a fine computer.

06-18-2008, 06:51
That's 3 people that I know of who'd say that they had the case pressurize, so I'm thinking it's a possibility. Even though that's a very small sample that have had it happen I think it's something to consider.

06-18-2008, 08:45
I own this same computer (purchased from ST) and love it. Also I've always had great service and responsiveness from Aeris.

It might be worthwhile to try calling them again and ask for someone "higher up" the ladder to express your complaint. I'm shocked that they would not take care of this!

06-18-2008, 09:01
One 'trick' I've seen with respect to changing batteries on the Aeris line of computers is to short out the DC terminals prior to inserting the new battery. This, apparently, can correct the problem with the LO battery indicator showing on full batteries.

I have a couple of Elites and had the ongoing LO indicator after a dive or two. I bought two fresh Energiser 2450's, pulled the no-name battery I had installed, shorted out the DC terminals and then installed the new battery.

12 dives (on each DC) and so far so good. No LO indicator.

Note: You are not shorting out the battery! You are shorting out the terminals inside the DC that connect to the battery prior to inserting the new battery. (Just making sure I'm not misunderstood on this...)

06-20-2008, 08:11
I just bought a pair of CR2430 batteries for backups for my wifes and I's Oceanic Geo's... Couldn't find them anywhere except a specialty watch shop (tried CVS, Walgreens, WalMart, Target to no avail)... At any rate, the lady that helped me explained that those little batteries have pretty high failure rates even when brand new, including, but not limited to low voltage, low lifespan, etc... they only cost $5 a piece, so it's not a huge deal if I buy a bad one, but it is definitely something that people need to know when owning a mission critical device that uses them...

(yah, I know you can continue diving if you logged your dives correctly and used tables, but if I'm at 100', and the computer blinks out, guess what... I'm coming up soon, and I'd rather that not happen)

06-20-2008, 13:02
The Units are designed so that even if you get a lo batt warning when you fire up on the Boat, you can do your dives that day, and then replace the battery that night. I have had that happen several times. The unit generally will not just "quit" without warning for just a battery issue.

06-20-2008, 13:25
I replace my battery once a year as part of the annual gear service work I do on my stuff.

06-21-2008, 10:05
A battery kit is $22. Customer service is everything to me. I do not expect to buy a product and have an issue with it in the first 2 weeks.

Agreed, but a battery alone is $3-5 at (my) MallWart or Radio Shack- you prolly don't need "the kit", but it does add to the drama.

My wife has one of these and she carries an Eveready spare battery. The toothpick, Cayman Islands Nickel coin and o-ring grease make up the rest of "the kit".

Note to self: Continue to buy computers that run off of AA or AAA Batteries.

If that battery switch doesn't work, raise hell... and get the price of that battery back, too.