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06-17-2008, 20:17
I know this gets old but "Another great week of diving in Cozumel" June 6-15

Flights to and from were uneventful and direct from Atlanta to Cozumel. Grabbed a collectivo van at the airport while avoiding the Time Share folks. A 5 minute wait and the van was full. Easy ride to the Villablanca Garden Hotel. First time staying with them. Checked into our superior room and it was very nice. We had a package deal with Scuba Mau Cozumel and the Villablanca.

Once we had checked in we headed over to Scuba Mau to get the paperwork out of the way and see the gang. Gabiloco and Pumba had waited on us and invited us downtown to a local cantina that was cooking up some fish that had been caught a day or 2 earlier by a some more clients of Scuba Mau. They were furnishing the fish for the crew and any others they wanted to invite. Ate some fish and downed a few cervesas and got the trip off to a great start.

Started diving the next day with Pumba as our DM. Dives sites we hit for the week included: Palancar Gardens, Horseshoe, Cedral Wall and Pass, Santa Rosa, Punta tunich, Tormentos, Yucaab, Columbia Deep, Delila. We also did Mariciabo for the first time on this trip. It was awesome. We saw turtles on just about every dive or so it seemed. We saw a bunch. Pumba was on fire the entire week for finding pipe fish, a pipe horse and seahorses this trip. As well as some nurse sharks and splendid toadfish. Also saw what had to big the largest green moray we have ever seen. Currents were fairly mild for the most part and visibility was up to the usual Cozumel standards. We both logged our 100th dives on this trip.

The entire group at Scuba Mau are great. They were very busy during the week but everything worked out without any problems. One day 4 boats and a couple more days with 3 boats going out. Opal does a great job of getting boats set up for the trips. Boats were all fast and not overcrowded. They let you dive your air and there was fruit and water on the boat everyday. This is a new shop but a very experienced group of divemasters and instructors. Opal, Mau, Pumba, Gabiloco and Monkey (started with Scuba Mau on the 14th).

You have the option of sitting out by the pool at the Villablanca. Or in the hot tub. Or heading over to Lapalapita beach bar across the street and sitting out by the beautiful torquiose water. Great location. Our room was very nice and the maids did a great job. Towels were in some kind of shape each day and laying on the bed. Nice touch.

Our eating establishments on this trip included Villablanca Resturant (they had a Mexican BBQ' a couple of evenings and it was vey good) Auturo is a great host. Other places we ate were El Pique, Sorissio's, Sonora Grill, Ernesto's, Mescalito West, Rendez Blue and Hog town Cafe. Not a bad meal anywhere. We visited the Chedraui a couple of times and as a note the OXXO stores have decent prices on most items also.

All I can say is thank you to Scuba Mau Cozumel and the entire island of Cozumel for making another trip full of wonderful memories.

We will be back ASAP

06-17-2008, 20:37
Great report ... hope to get there in the not too distant future ... Thanks!

06-18-2008, 08:31
I enjoy diving with Monkey when he worked for Papa Hogs, hate it that he had to move to Scuba Mau.

06-18-2008, 08:41
Thanks for the report!! I will be staying at the Villa Blanca for the first time in 2 weeks. I am glad you had a good experience there and look forward to picking up where you left off!

I will be diving with one of the newer shops called Deep Exposure this time and look forward to seeing the operation. I will post a follow up report when I return as well.


06-18-2008, 13:08
It never gets old hearing someone elses perspective...thanks for the great report, sounds like you had a great time!:smiley20:

06-18-2008, 20:43
Hot tub and a bucket of Sol (beer) at Villa Blanca.... good times...

06-26-2008, 22:53
I could not agree more! I just returned from Cozumel and spectacular diving with Scuba Mau. Opal was great in setting up our dives and the crew was terrific. We dove with Gabiloco the whole time and he was spot on in identifying marine life. We got hung up for a while trying to help a large grouper flush a parrot fish from his hiding place in the reef. They are single-minded hunters, never wavering from their prey. Fortunately for the parrot fish he was well concealed and lived another day. Spotted a turtle that would fill the bed of a pickup, he must have been an old man of the sea. Villablanca looked good but we stayed in a private villa south of town. I recommend this option for divers who are traveling with their families. Villa Las Uvas was beautiful and absolutely first class. You can do airfare and villa for approximately what you would pay for an all-inclusive, and the dive boat will pick you up at the nearest pier, for us it was the pier at Fiesta Americana. Great Trip!!