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08-07-2007, 23:54
does anyone have this bag/ pro's... con's

08-08-2007, 00:50
does anyone have this bag/ pro's... con's

I was told by a LDS that the guy who started XSscuba was formerly from Akona (?), and that this bag is similar to the Akona but with better zippers. I saw the bag and it looks pretty sturdy. Don't know how true the rest of the story is.

08-26-2007, 21:54
got this bag two weeks ago packed all my dive gear in it/fins ,booties,reg bag,wetsuit,bc,mask w/ the case in this front pocket and 14lbs of weight. awesome bag!

08-28-2007, 21:07
I used it on a recent trip. Packed all my gear from my gear back into it for taking it all onto the boat... worked awesome. I had it loaded down and half expected it to tear apart, but it survived without showing any signs of stress.

08-28-2007, 21:13
I have one of XS scubas bags. The one I have is $45, but it came in a nice package at my LDS. I got the huge luggage, mask case, reg. case, dry envelope (for your $$ or dive log), and the mesh dive bag. Total came to $200 + tax. Pretty good stuff! I've used it twice now :)

08-28-2007, 22:04
got this bag two weeks ago packed all my dive gear in it/fins ,booties,reg bag,wetsuit,bc,mask w/ the case in this front pocket and 14lbs of weight. awesome bag!

all of this in a backpack?

that's impressive!

09-18-2007, 10:49
I don't have this particular bag but bought an XS Scuba mesh roller bag. It's made very well and I'm very pleased with it.

09-18-2007, 17:01
How does the ScubaToys version (http://www.scubatoys.com/store/detail.asp?product_id=STMeshBackPack) compare? I, too, am trying to decide

Just read another thread that mentioned the ST version and the XS version. So the question is: Is the XS Scuba version worth the extra $20 over the STversion?

ScubaToys Larry
09-18-2007, 17:17
That Scubatoys bag is far superior because it has our logo on it!!!! :smiley20: :smiley20:

er... uh... ok. I'm lying. It's just made of plain ole' mesh and the Akona one is that cool rubberized mesh that is much tougher. So if you want a sturdier bag... go with that. But if you need something with our logo for the photo contest....

09-18-2007, 23:25
It is true that someone from XS use to work for Akona several years ago. They are dynamite when it comes to customer service.
I own one of the deluxe back packs and love it. Yes you can put all that was mentioned above in it plus more. I took mine to FL and I had plenty of room.
A buddy that went on the trip got one of ST, I think for free. He likes it but fell in love with mine. He said he wished that he would have conned Larry out of one of the XS ones.

09-20-2007, 12:50
I've got the Deluxe Mesh Wheeled Duffel.. it's awesome.. swallows a lot of gear and the wheels are pretty high quality.

09-20-2007, 13:20
I have that XS Scuba mesh backpack and it's a very nice unit. It also has (or at least mine does) a lengthwise zipper on the back side that allows you to get something out of the bottom without having to dump the whole back out.

I got mine mostly for use on those half-day dive boat trips where you don't have a lot of space on the dive boat for everyone large gear bag (and are just limited to the space below the bench). Being mesh, all your wet stuff can air out on the way back across the docks and up to the parking lot. The bag is pretty big and will hold a lot of gear. Being a backpack, it will free up your two hands for those other items you may not want to put in the backpack (that will end up breaking your mask).

The only issue with mine is that my girlfriend keep borrowing it for long periods of time (she finds it really handy, too)! :D

Great product!

09-20-2007, 19:43
Thought that I would never use the back zipper. Found out I was wrong and was glad that I didn't have to dig to the bottom to get what I wanted.

09-20-2007, 21:53
I have a whole bag set up from them. The roller bag, mesh backpack, reg. bag, mask bag, and a few other little goodies. I really like their stuff. Its sturdy, durable, and fits everything :)

09-21-2007, 10:48
I got one from ST a little while back, to replace the gear bag that came from my LDS, which was disintegrating. It's very well-made and solid-feeling... no to mention being much more comfortable to carry when full of gear. Just my 2 psi