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06-22-2008, 23:25
So this weekend the wife and I headed down to Cohasset MA to visit our good friends Matt (aka MSilvia on ST) and Jill and see the new pad post renovations. One of the benefits of this new house and my friendship with Matt is the Cohasset resident beach parking sticker that comes with it. The house is beautiful btw.
After a much needed sleep in and home made waffles Matt and I loaded up our gear for a planned dive off of Sandy Beach. I have been trying to figure out what I am going to ultimately go with for a buoyancy/tank holding device. Matt being the scuba stud that he is Set me up with his BP/W with a ST72 to try out. He was diving a BP/W with dbl.ST100 (he made hauling that rig down to the water look easy!!).
I have to say I was a bit confused about the whole BP/W concept and why someone would want to subject them selves to such a torturous looking device? Where was I going to put my stuff? What about all the colorful pull tabs, buckles, pouches pockets and zippers? This was his rig and set up for him (Matt I love ya and all but yer a big guy!) how was it going to adjust to fit me? What happens to our dive when I am to uncomfortable wearing the BP/W that I had to call the dive before we even got out of the parking lot?
Well let me tell you, looks can and in this case for me were very deceiving! with a few quick adjustments of the webbing harness Matt had it adjusted to fit me before I could even finish reducing the weight on my belt from 25# to 16#. Another benefit of the set up less weight on the belt and more on my center line. When I shouldered the rig to head down to the beach I was amazed at how comfortable it actually was. The whole this is just so ridiculously simple. steal D wrings where ever you want them for clipping a light or gauge off to. Everything was accessible and clean, now what exactly did I need all those pockets for??
After a quick in water heal strap fix (I now have spring straps) by me we were under water and diving. Vis was surprisingly good at 20-25' (If not better) and water temps were 59* (if not warmer). our Max depth was 16' and we had a bottem time of 56mins. Although I am sure Matt would call this dive mundane to routine I was loving it! Not only was my trim better and easer to maintain (even at relatively shallow depths) but I was diving in the ocean checking out lobsters, green crabs, a BIG flounder, and all kinds of other stuff for the first time on scuba!
At the end of our diver upon exiting the water we were approached by a young life guard. He kept telling me/us that we were not aloud to dive from Sandy Beach. That it was closed to scuba diving. I could hear him just fine but kept pointing to my wet suit hood and making "I cant hear you" gestures with my hands. I think he tried telling us ten time as we were walking up the beach ignoring him. Now what good does it do to watch us walk into the water in front of the life guard station from the beach, dive just off and in view of the beach, then after we are done diving tell us went cant do what we just did? Obviously you can dive Sandy Beach because we were wet, out of air (well I had 500psi left at least in my tank) and wearing scuba tanks! After the guard gave up and walked away, Matt explained to me that according to MA state law (I am from Vermont) it is against the law to prohibit scuba divers access to any water access open to the public for swimming. So either way we were covered. Kind of a PIA to get hassled on my first ocean dive but oh well lesson learned. I did some looking on the internetz and found the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries scuba divers regulations and information brochure. the following is a direct quote from it;

Diver access to Commonwealth Tidelands - Massachusetts General Law,
Chapter 91, Section 10D. No person shall be denied access during daylight
hours to Commonwealth tidelands across any land available to the public for
swimming or recreation which is owned or controlled by the Commonwealth or any of its political subdivisions for the purpose of SCUBA diving or skin diving which activities are hereby declared to be water dependent uses; provided, however, that if such tidelands are at any time closed to access by the general public, such access by such SCUBA diver or skin diver shall not be permitted.
This is a direct link (http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dmf/publications/diver_abstract_080304.pdf) to the PDF with all of,if not most of the pertinent regulations and laws for scuba diving in MA. It might just be a good ting to print out and laminate!
Ya never know when you are going to need to quote the statute to a know it all official?
I learned more than I thought I would yesterday. I really like the BP/W with a ST72. diving in the ocean is very cool. Lobsters are significantly more frightening when you are trying to pick them up under water than when you are placing them in a pot. Flounder changing are just funky looking critters. and Most importantly I made a safe enjoyable dive in the ocean and lived to ignore a life guard!

Thanks for a great dive Matt!


Brian D.

06-23-2008, 00:42
Wow, sounds like a great time!

06-23-2008, 08:12
It really was a great time I cant wait to get back down there and check out some of the other beach dives we are not supposed to do but are protected by MA state law to do. Did that make sense??:smiley2: Thanks again Matt.......

06-23-2008, 15:18
Glad you had a good time Bri! I'll send you a few photos soon. I'll be interested also to hear how the spring straps work out, and what your impressions of a non-plated back inflate BC are after trying one of those out.