View Full Version : Al 80 vs Steel LP 108

06-23-2008, 21:38
When filled to recommended pressures, how much extra air would you actually have? or an Al 80 vs St 95.

06-23-2008, 22:57
According to the specs I have:

AL80 (Luxfer or Catilina) is actually 77.8 cu ft at 3000 psi

A OMS LP108 is 112 cu ft a 2640 psi and 102 cu ft at the rated 2400
The Faber LP95 is a true 95 cuft at 2640 or 86 cu ft at 2400 psi
the PST LP95 is 96.5 cu ft at 2640 or 87 cu ft at 2400 psi

Is this what you're looking for?

06-23-2008, 23:25
Tank specs can be found at:

Tech Diving Limited (http://www.techdivinglimited.com/pub/tanks.html)


Huron Scuba Adventures (http://www.huronscuba.com/equipment/scubaCylinderSpecification.html)