View Full Version : Oceanic Swiv Octo with Magnetic Keeper

06-24-2008, 16:53
Has anyone had any issues with the Oceanic Swiv Octo with Magnetic Keeper? Does the magnetic keeper really hold that well? What about during water entry?


06-24-2008, 18:46
I spoke with an Oceanic sales rep two days ago....He used it and demo'd it for everyone a few weeks ago..Everyone said it held very well except in surf and heavy seas, once underwater it helf well they said...I have one on the way.

Only problem I have is about 1 magnet being potentially close to my compass!

06-24-2008, 21:03
My dad has one. I gave it a few test/shakedown dives this spring before I gave it to him to make sure it worked as promised. It worked great, magnetic clip held well. The octo is pulled to the clip when within 3-4" of the clip, and when attached, it holds well. In my testing, the compass was only affected when within 6-8" of the octo, so magnetic interference was minimal in my testing. I use a necklaced octo, but he loves the magnetic octo clip, so if you are looking at an octo, it's certainly one to look at.

It would also be convenient if you are using lift bags, since you can pop the octo off, fill the bag, and then pop it back on again.

06-24-2008, 22:39
I just got one last month and have 4 dives on it. It is a pretty strong magnet and sits in an indentation in the reg, so it is pretty secure underwater. I have not had any problem with it so far in the water; but all the dives have been from shore. I will be very surprised if it holds without putting a hand over it when I step off a boat.

My overall impression is it seems like it will be fine with normal tugging from movement and current; but if you snag it on something, it dosen't take a very extreme direct tug to break it loose.