View Full Version : DSV Underwater Swap

06-25-2008, 17:19

I've read/heard "balanced piston for stages and deco because you can swap them out underwater between bottles".

So what would happen if you swapped a DSV between bottles underwater?


06-25-2008, 17:35
A diaphragm first stage will still be usable after the switch underwater in an 'emergency' situation, but will require the unit to be cleaned and rebuilt prior to continued service.

06-25-2008, 22:59
Certainly true, but it would be good practice to service/have serviced any reg whether it be piston or diaphragm that had the 1st stage flooded underwater. The pistons are also purported to clear water from the internal mechanisms much more easily though...

(not that I've ever had to change a stage/deco reg underwater- here's hoping my Apeks stay bulletproof and I never have to!)