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Lake Diver
06-28-2008, 23:59
Hey guys n gals, we're slashing prices on Lake Diver products on our site, get your own Lake Diver shirts, hats, scuba gear and show off your love of freshwater diving for CHEAP! Thanks again guys for all your support!!

Here's a link to the store: Scuba Diving T-shirts & Scuba Gifts for Divers (http://shop.lakediver.com)


Proper link to his site =
Lake Diver - Bringing light to another way of diving. (http://www.lakediver.com/)


09-21-2008, 22:05
Curious to see the new site once it comes up...

09-22-2008, 21:22
I could not get your link to get me to the store???

Lake Diver
10-21-2008, 22:23
Hi, we're switching shopping carts, and making a totally new site using content management, so we'll post when it's up, should be in a few weeks! This new site will make it easier to post dive sites and such, plus we'll have forum topics from lots of forums in one place! Thanks for your interest!