View Full Version : Trophy Boats

06-29-2008, 11:53
Anyone own/dive off a trophy boat? I currently own a Bayliner and am very happy with it. However, once my last kid leaves, I'd like to step up to something slightly larger that I can spend the night on.

I plan on buying new since whatever I buy will be it for many years. The 1902 and 1952 walkaround models seem to offer what I want. Small and trailerable, good gas mileage (well, for a boat) yet big enough to handle rough water (great lakes), able to configure as a dive boat and you can spend the night on it.

I've seen some of these up close and they seem pretty well built. Does anyone here have any experience with them or any input. I'm not buying now but I'm anal and seem to research things well ahead of time.

Anything would be helpful..