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06-29-2008, 17:40
:smilie40:Too all who remotely complain about diving conditions at Table Rock Lake.....STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I arrived at Caboose Junction Resort near Lampe, MO. on 6-20 and stayed through 6-27. I conducted at a minimum of two dives a day, each one a bit deeper and more intense. Other than the visibility in the first 15 feet, dive conditions were absolutely outstanding and every trip down was better than the last. Compared to nearby Iowa lakes and dive opportunities Table Rock was absolutely outstanding.
My first two dives at TR, were my first of the year so I was a bit cautious and stayed above 25 feet to re-acclimate with my gear and evaluate for failures (You Never Know). I practiced failure drills of mask clearing, BC failure, and underwater evaluation of my entire dive system, which requires taking the BC and tank off then adjusting straps, buckles, making sure hoses aren't fouled, etc....then donning again underwater. Being comfortable with my abilities I ventured deeper to 35 feet the next two dives and practiced underwater navigation, and general enjoyment diving.
Next two dives included 45 and 50 foot dives. The water temp change did catch me off guard and I spent quite a bit of time acclimating to the change and didn't venture further due to not wearing a hood or heavy gloves. Conditions began getting dark at 45 feet and I checked my comfort level to prepare for a deeper dive, and took time to evaluate what I would do further down.
Tuesday was Branson day for our family get together and 16 of us went into Branson to let the kids ride gokarts, shop and be tourists for a day. Tuesday afternoon I made a mid-afternoon dive to 61 feet. Absolutely breathtaking and stunning. 61 feet was very dark and cold. I believe my computer registered 63 degrees. Passing the thermocline at 20-25 feet the water turned from green/brown to green, visibility was murky while passing the cline, below visibility was so much better. At 57 feet the water went very dark, and the light came out. I planned for a 60 foot dive and managed 61. I remained at 61 for about 5 minutes, the bottom was mud/silt and stirred easily. I practiced hovering above the bottom and took in the visibility. I am not a DIR diver, but some of those practices that I have seen did aid in buoyancy control and moving. I don't guage distance that well but 20-30 visibility is likely. This is my deepest dive to date. It was absolutely breath taking to have the sensation of an overhead environment because of the dark green water above my head and the openess of the water in front of me due in part to the light.
Upon my return above the cline I wanted to push and go to 75 at the next dive opportunity, but time allotment didn't allow. I dove shallower depths, cleaned up debris during my other dives, and brought a mussel up for the boys to use as bait.
Considering past dives at Table Rock conditions were much different and for those who regularly dive TR, the conditions are probably not what you are used to, but compared to Iowa waterways right now with extremely high conditions, farm fields in the water along with everything else, Table Rock was HEAVEN. When not under the water we floated on the surface. I came home with a great tan, pride in the adventure, and relaxed senses. I am glad that we didn't abort our vacation to the area. The lake was awesome!!!!
Keep up the diving Table Rockers.....and don't forget to tell me about your experiences. Being 8 hours away I don't forsee any TR diving soon. Hopefully Sept/Oct we will make it down and I will get a splash in.

06-29-2008, 21:44
Glad you enjoyed it. The vis shallow has been kind of mucked up, but down deeper most say it gets better. Temps seem rather warm to me. I suspect it was warmer than what I had today. At least I didn't get overheated.

Glad you had fun.

06-30-2008, 05:53
Thanks, IaHammerhead for the report. I'm going to add this to our Dive Conditions website Scuba Steves' Midwest Diving Reports (http://www.midwestmuckdiving.com)


06-30-2008, 07:21
Thanks for the report... I will be down there next week, and I am hoping for some good conditions...


06-30-2008, 18:09
I was there this weekend, the first 20 ft were bad, but below that things cleared up great!