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08-08-2007, 21:12
I have never used a camera underwater and have decided to buy one but have no clue as to what is a good underwater camera.

I have a low budget for a camera becouse i will not use it very often, just on special trips, but i also would like to come home with good pictures.

I also do not care if it is a regular or digital camera.

Could anyone tell me about a good cheap reliable camera?


09-02-2007, 03:31
I use a Canon Ixus 65 camera and I absolutely love it. I don't know what they cost in the US but I'm sure it's significantly cheaper than here in Australia. The housings are reasonably cheap for what they are, and if you wait for the camera to be 6 months old or so you should get a great deal. What I love about this camera is that I don't need extras to get good photos - like strobes or other lenses etc. You need to teach yourself how to use the custom white balance feature (better yet take the PADI Digital Underwater Photography course and have your instructor show you) and once you've done that, you'll find that the colours in your photos are exceptional.

09-04-2007, 22:48
Cheap is relative. Good and cheap, less so.

I'd go digital because shooting UW is not easy with film. You will spend a lot of money developing disappointing images. With digital you shoot, you look at what you have, and you change your WB, or strobe power, or exposure, etc, to help the image. This assumes you have learned to use the camera well enough to know what you may want to change or try. But even Newbie's walk away with some good images using digital without a lot of knowledge or experience. I can not say the same for folks using film, and one huge reason is WB which does can not be changed with film, and there is no Auto setting.

As to what to buy the choices are so vast, you would need to provide a better basis to make a suggestion. One obvious factor, make sure that if you buy any camera, that someone makes a housing for it. :smiley17:

09-04-2007, 22:50
It would help if you told us what your budget is.

09-05-2007, 10:00
I agree that digital is the way to go these days. Especially if you are on a budget. Nothing like the cost of film and processing to take a bite out of your budget. At least with digital, you can choose the shots you want to print or for that matter, you can still share them electronically and not print any at all.

As for a recommendation, I honestly don't have any. There are some many digital choices out there right now. If you are on a very tight budget, you can pick up a very inexpensive 5 to 6 megapixal camera for under $200. You can also find bargains on "last year's" models for both cameras and housings. Don't let all of the hype fool you. A good 5 to 6 MP camera will give you very good results up to about 8x10 prints. If you buy a major brand camera and housing (Canon, Nikon, Olympus), you will also have a chance to upgrade your system in the future by buying an Ikelite housing and strobe.

The best advice I can give to anyone starting out is to first figure out what your budget really is. Then buy the best you can find for that amount of money. I know that's very basic but it is true. Hope this helps a little.

09-09-2007, 00:42
The Fuji e900 is an exceptional topside and underwater camera for a low cost point and shoot - $190 for camera at Abes of Maine, and $ 260 for the Ikelite underwater housing (The Fuji housing is even cheaper, but the Ikelite is a better housing for only a little more). I have several friends shooting this camera (I used to shoot its predecessor, the Fuji 810 before I went DSLR). With wet mount external lens (Inon makes both macro and wide angle wet lens that are compatible), can get both great super macro and 20mm equivalent wide angle. It has great optics, shoots RAW (which gives you a lot of post processing flexibility), uses AA batteries, and reasonable shutter lag. This setup is also pretty small, so doesn't require a large dedicated case/duffel to carry like a DSLR does.

The Canon G7 is also a nice camera, but significantly more expensive. And the Olympus SP 350 is also a proven underwater camera, and coming down in price as it ages a bit.

Also, do a Google search on Magic Filters (it is a British Company) - they make a great filter for natural light photography (around $50), you can get some really nice color without strobes if you use the filter properly (comes with instructions). Doesn't work in all conditions, but very nice if you have reasonable vis and a little sun.

11-28-2007, 05:58
I'm currently using a Fuji F11 with Auto-Magic Filter. Near the surface we use the camera on Auto and the filter works well. However as we go deeper i need to switch to manual and do custom white balance..

The only thing i don't like about the filter is that we are limited to only underwater shots, we can't take photos on the boat without removing the camera from the housing....I wish they made some sort of clip on/clip off filter.

12-10-2007, 23:55
a lot of people in my dive club are using the sony t seris underwater t3, t9 ect and getting very nice images , 3inch lcd is great!

it is quite a good camera on land and underwater it works well and can do amazing macro photos, the best i have seen 4 ant p&s camera with no ad on stuff

also if you want to ad strobes and stuff at a latter date it can take them


12-11-2007, 14:42
Get a land camera and a underwater housing. I like my Canon SD900 and Underwater housing (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000HAQ8EK?ie=UTF8&tag=whicolnom-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B000HAQ8EK)

12-21-2007, 20:56
Canon a570is with housing I think around $300 on amazon. Awesome value for money. I would say the best. And it takes great video too. Get a 4gb card. I love mine

01-14-2008, 11:03
Sealife, 500 or 600....awesome camera, easy to use even with mits on!! has a super fast shutter speed mode "shark mode" you can shoot incredible pics at any level, also the case is super tough.

01-14-2008, 19:55
Digital is IMO the way to go, I like my Canon A620 and I think with the upgrade giving me RAW mode that it's going to be even better now.