View Full Version : Lake diving in/near Sandusky

07-02-2008, 16:27
Well, my husband and I are spending 3, possibly 4 days at Cedar Point and I'm not sure that he'll be able to handle 3 days straight of nothing but roller coasters. In the interest of finding a diversion for part or all of a day, is there any diving really, really close to Sandusky? Especially something out in the lake that maybe isn't too cold or deep? I know that's a lot to ask for Ohio! But he's a warm water wimp and refuses to even stick a toe in Gilboa after watching me in April (hey, it was 50 on the surface at that time, what does he expect?!) even though it's warmed up significantly. I might be able to talk him into trying the lake though.

07-02-2008, 20:20
We've done some diving around Kelley's Island, and I know there are some dive operators in that area- check with some of them

vis is not great- and you REALLY have to watch out for the sea-doo riders who have no idea what a dive flag is........