View Full Version : Octo+ to Regular Inflator????

coral cowgirl
07-03-2008, 00:26
What would I need to convert my Zeagle setup from an Octo+ to a regular alternate reg? Is it a difficult switch to make (ie special tools etc.)? ~~~:smiley21:

07-03-2008, 02:58
1) You would need a standard inflator to replace the Octo+ inflator. Fairly inexpensive, usually just needs a twist tie to install. The corrugated hose may need replacement as well, if it's a proprietary connector to the octo-inflator.

2) You may need a new inflator hose if the Octo+ one does not use a standard LP connector, or if it's an awkward length. Tools needed: Just a pair of pliers.

3) You will, of course, need an appropriate length hose for the new octo. Again, a pair of pliers should suffice for the installation. You may need a hex key / Allen wrench to remove the port plug from your first stage, since you're adding an additional hose to your previous setup.

The good folks at ScubaToys should be able to confirm which of the optional stuff you need.

coral cowgirl
07-14-2008, 20:08
I'm in good shape...got it all.
I've packed it in my save a dive bag for
an upcoming liveaboard trip...thanks~