View Full Version : SL960 or SL961 for strobe?

07-05-2008, 10:44
So I'm going to be picking up one of the sealife DC800 cameras and had a quick question about the strobe. I want to pick up a strobe to go along with it as well and was looking at the SL960 (external strobe) and the SL961 (digital pro). The SL961 is substantially more expensive (around $200) so I'm wondering if anyone cared to share their thoughts about whether or not it would be worth the investment or whether I could get by alright with the SL960. Specifically, I'd really appreciate information on comparative ease of use, linking, and results. Thanks so much in advance, cheers.

07-05-2008, 21:43
If any case, check out other strobes like the YS-27DX as those will give you the great pictures you want. As for the SL960 or the SL961, I suggest the SL961 as thats a digital strobe where you can adjust the brightness while the SL960 is just an external flash.