View Full Version : Flower Garden midnight snacks???......

diver 85
07-09-2008, 22:30
Heading out on the Fling Aug 6th thru 8th...My question is are they still serving hot brownies and Blue Bell ice cream after the nite dive on the 2nd day???.....Man I hope so, that is the perfect way to top off a 5 dive day.........

08-05-2008, 10:45
Just got back from a trip on the Fling Jul 11-13. Yea, still great night dive snacks. We saw a whale shark on our 4th dive on Sat. Great time. After we were out of air, we boarded the boat and the shark made about 3 laps around the boat, so we went back in with snorkle gear, and swam with him. Great trip. Hope the tropical storm is well past and all is settled down for you.

08-05-2008, 10:49
Brownies and Bluebell, awesome after a night dive. On longer trips the second night is often hot cobbler and Bluebell. Galley closes at midnight and usually everyone is asleep long before.