View Full Version : LDS Reg Service Issues

07-11-2008, 12:35
Ive had my regs in and out of my LDS for nearly 3 months now. All i want is the yearly service, but they never can seem to get to it. My LDS is generally a great shop. Good service, good people, good prices, but this is really irritating me. The reg tech is well known in the region, especially by the older cavers. I always hear he's "the best" reg tech. However, i think that's the problem; he puts his mail order reg repair ahead of his local guys! Pisses me off considering the money Ive spent there...

I support my LDS when I can, but looks like once again ScubaToys is getting my business.


07-11-2008, 12:47
My LDS reg repair shop has a waitlist for annual servicing. Each day they have about 6 slots. A diver signs up for the earliest available slot (usually one to two weeks out) and then agrees to drop off the reg the day before the appointment. This seems to work out for everyone involved. The reg techs can work through the backlog at a steady pace. The divers are only without their regs for 2 days tops.

If your LDS can't find time to do the overhaul in a timely manner, then I guess an acceptable solution is to send it into ScubaToys.

Good luck with your reg servicing.