View Full Version : Suggestion - Logout re-direct

MEL-DC Diver
07-10-2007, 22:50
Currently on the logout, you stay in the forum. What do you think about re-directing from the logout right to Scubatoys.com? That way people exit the message board through your shop = more site traffic and more sales.

Also, don't see an easy way to get to the shop from the message board. Might want to add a link.

07-11-2007, 06:33
I second this request!!!
A link at the top to ScubaToys.com store site would be very helpful for us customers and the owners of this place!!!

ScubaToys Larry
07-11-2007, 07:57
Thanks for the comments...
<DIV>I've changed the top banner to head to our page - although, I'm not sure I like that... since it says Discussion Forum on it... So I'll work on that,</DIV>
<DIV>And I put a footer on that has our address and logo which is a link to the home page of scubatoys.</DIV>
<DIV>I've been getting functionality working this week... by next, I should be able to fix up some format things I want to do, so it should change then. </DIV>
<DIV>Again, really appreciate the input!</DIV>

07-11-2007, 10:34
The footer is adequate in my opinion. I can always go to the home page of the message board by clicking on the root directory near the top of the page on the lefthand side.