View Full Version : Sony DSC-T1 question

08-09-2007, 15:41
Has anyone used this camera with a housing? I've posted like mad since I've found this forum, so I hope I'm not driving people crazy. My girlfriend and I are going to Bonaire at the end of this month, and we would like to be able to take some photos of our dives. From having a U/W video setup previously, I realize that just the housing won't get the job done at depth. However, we're hoping to squeeze a few good shots without a strobe.

She has this sony, and I have a canon sd600. Both housings cost about the same, so I was just looking for opinions on which one you'd choose. Thanks for the input. I'm so glad that I found scubatoys!

08-12-2007, 14:05

I can't help you with that camera....but I do have a suggestion. Buddy's Dive rents cameras, strobes, etc. That may be a way to do some underwater photography without rushing into buying a housing.

Other places may rent too, this is the one I am familiar with.


08-12-2007, 22:04
Thank you for the suggestion. I've checked them out, and I think that I may do that. It's about $250 to rent for the week, so I may go ahead and buy a setup instead. I used to shoot video, but I never watched or took the time to edit them. I think taking photos would be different.