View Full Version : Gadget Review: Omron Fat Loss Monitor

07-14-2008, 22:15
Another gadget to help you stay fit (in addition to my previous review of Garmin Forerunner 205)

Amazon.com: Omron HBF-306 Body Fat Analyzer: Health & Personal Care (http://www.amazon.com/Omron-HBF-306-Body-Fat-Analyzer/dp/B00006WNPU)

I generally get discouraged when I am working out for a month or two and don't notice a change on the scale. Yes, I assume I am building muscle and loosing fat. Until I got this device it was all speculations.

I doubt the device is 100% correct in measuring the fat %. However, it is very consitent. I tried measuring 4-6 times within 10 minutes and the results came in all within 0.01 difference. I think the device is flattering a little bit, but as it is consistant, it gives you a great idea of where the weight is going. I.e. I lost 5 lb this month, and my body fat % dropped for 1.75%, so I am pretty sure I did something right.

It is fairly cheap, so you what you pay is what you get. I am fairly happy with it and would recommend it.

07-15-2008, 01:05
My chiropractor uses a similar-looking device to measure body-fat of his patients.

07-15-2008, 06:31
Next time you go, do you mind checking the brand. I'd love to know which one he uses....

07-15-2008, 13:38
Interesting looking gadget...I might give it a try.

07-15-2008, 15:48
You should. It's fairly cheap and even if you don't like it, it is not a big investment.

07-16-2008, 06:38
Just an FYI, there is about a 5% error rate with those type of gadgets. Also, be sure to take it at the same time every day you use it, do it before exercise, not after, and if you alter your hydration levels from normal, it will alter the results. After saying all that, it is important to know your muscle to fat ratio, so these things are helpful.