View Full Version : Dive for a cause - Niagara Falls region

07-15-2008, 23:02
If you are interested - the Eobicoke Underwater Club will be organizing a charitable event

www.euc/diveforacause (http://www.euc/diveforacause)

All collected funds will be directed towards Epilepsy research. Canadian donations will be directed to Dr. Mac Burnham's (http://x.marijan.com/diveforacause/2008_charity.php#UTERP) research at University of Toronto Epilepsy Research program (http://x.marijan.com/diveforacause/2008_charity.php#UTERP) (UTERP (http://x.marijan.com/diveforacause/2008_charity.php#UTERP)). US donations will be directed to a research under Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (http://www.cureepilepsy.org/) (CURE (http://www.cureepilepsy.org/)).

The exact location hasn't been announced yet.

07-16-2008, 09:56
Maybe- depending on the date-
the first link is a bad one...the second link works

07-16-2008, 14:01
My bad. Sorry - here is the correct one Dive For A Cause 2008 (http://x.marijan.com/diveforacause/)

I'm also tentative as there is another dive in Quebec City that sounds like a lot of fun. I'll let you know if I participate

07-18-2008, 22:45
I'm intrested, depends on date and location- I still consider myself a begginer

07-19-2008, 17:38
Ya, it's kind of annoying they haven't announced it yet.