View Full Version : Help with identifying please!

07-23-2008, 00:04
I have asked a few people what they think this is with no concrete answer so maybe someone here can help me. The dive instructor who took me out on my dive and dove the area over 500+ times had never seen one before. Hmmm...

It was found off the coast of Koro Island which is part of the Fiji Islands group. It measured about 2-2.5ft in length, was entirely hollow, a white-grey color, open on one end and closed on the other. No eyes, fins, mouth that I could see. It had the appearance of a jellyfish texture.

Any ideas?!?


07-23-2008, 16:39
Tough one........ At fist glance I would lean toward Cestum Veneris (Venus' Girdle) Comb Jelly. I am not sure if this would be a common sighting in that part of the world. Really hard to tell from photo.

Possible Oceanic Squid egg case. Length: (2-4 ft. Diameter: 4-8 in.) Oceanic Squid eggs are laid in floating masses while inshore squid and Octo's lay eggs witch are attached to the substrate.

I am open to any other suggestions..