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07-24-2008, 13:43
So, like a good boy, I decided while doing some Wreck Diving I would like to carry a line cutter in addition to my knife. Owning a ranger, I saw the Zeagle Line cutter and started salivating.

I bought it from ST and had it delivered! YEAH YEAH YEAH

I took it out and started to have problems. Firstly the cutter is not snug in its sheath, and with a gently tap will fall out. The clip that attaches it to the BC will not fit securly to either shoulder strap and actually fell off during two different dives in Key Largo...Thankfully my buddy saw it drop and grabbed it!

So I rinsed it with Fresh Water after each dive as a good boy does and dried it. Got it home today and the blade hs major rust spots on it, and there i a "knub" at the top that has rusted as well.....Even before I dove I sprayed the blade part of it with WD 40 to try and help prevent it.

Dang I really love my Ranger and have the double tank bands for it that I also love...Just wish that the knife help up to the otherwise exacting standards!

07-25-2008, 07:31
Had one for about 3 months, mine clips into the sheath with a positive lock but it does feel slightly loose when it is in. I put a small screw across the open end of the clip, so it is now on the webbing permanently:smiley20:.
I just checked it, no rust spots showing, I just rinse it with the rest of the webbing/plate by dunking it in a fresh water tub and didn't treat it with anything before hand. Sorry not much more help check with Zeagle.