View Full Version : dive on med??

07-30-2008, 19:50
anyone dive on zocor? chol lower med??thanks asking here first then dan

07-30-2008, 19:56
Dan, I'm not being funny, but call DAN here in Durham NC and ask. They have folks who can answer these questions by phone. I'd have to know a little bit about other cardiac issues you might have before answering? Depending on a few factors, I might want to see a stress test before I'd clear you if I was the one doing the clearing.

I have a condition listed as "relative risk" on the dive physical too, I called and I got a straight answer.

07-31-2008, 10:35
I dive on zocor. My doctor knows I dive and he never said anything to me about it. I have never had any problems.

07-31-2008, 18:17
thanks for info .will call dan just to be safe.got full phys,all great cept for chol. was up 232 chaqnged deit doc wants #lower so doing what doc says. said med should be ok ,just checking with some diver will call dan . sure do miss coneys,cili fries w/ extra cheese!!!

07-31-2008, 18:24
Doc put you on chol med for 232 instead of exercise and diet change ? might want to re think that coney and fries. And if they do put you on meds I would never mark it on the papers the dive op has you fill out may not get to dive

08-25-2008, 17:57
Starting eating oatmeal.

08-25-2008, 21:00
And Tuna!!!!

09-04-2008, 12:37
I dive on Zocor -- actually it's the generic simvastatin. My doctor knows I dive and tells me there is no problem. I lost 144 pounds in the last year and was hoping to eliminate the choleterol med, but my doc tells me that although the weight helps my cholesterol issue is more herretitary than my weight and/or diet.

I also sprinkle un-ground flax seeds on my cereal/oatmeal. It is a great cholesterol reducer!