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07-30-2008, 22:30
Hi guys! I finally got my faber 95 double tanks together and tried it on wednesday, unfortunately, I felt underweight though. On faber's website here (http://www.bluesteelllc.com/products.htm), they said the LP95 tanks I have is 5lbs negative in the ocean, but on this website here (http://www.huronscuba.com/equipment/scubaCylinderSpecification.html), they said the LP95 I had was 8lbs negative. Which site is true? I'm leaning on Faber's website because I went with 8lbs x 2= 16 plus an aluminum backplate that is around 2lbs which I carried 18lbs. Maybe you could help me with this...


07-31-2008, 00:25
I take it those are LP tanks, I think I see 2400+ on the one in the foreground. According to what I can find, they are 5.23 lbs heavy full and 1.6lbs light when empty. So plan accordingly, remember to calculate your weight at +3 light. i.e. if you need 18 lbs of weight with a 7mm wet suit, with these tanks you'll need a total of 21 lbs of lead to be neutral when near empty.

07-31-2008, 02:04
First thing you should do before diving those is replace the hard plastic knobs with soft rubber knobs. Soft rubber knobs won't crack and fail on you.

07-31-2008, 03:11
Check Faber's website for the true specs. Spec compilation pages are handy, but far too many have errors here and there.

07-31-2008, 08:39
First thing you should do before diving those is replace the hard plastic knobs with soft rubber knobs. Soft rubber knobs won't crack and fail on you.

Those look like the soft rubber knobs already

07-31-2008, 08:57
Roy, what I see on Faber's website is that these tanks are 1.69lbs Positive when they are empty... So you will need to add about 4lbs of weight to what you would normally use, like Navyhmc said... You will feel quite heavy at the start of the dive, so just keep that in mind. Go out and try it in a pool or somewhere you can shore dive with a buddy with your tanks nearly empty and have them keep handing you weight until you can just barely start to sink at the surface with no air in your wing....


07-31-2008, 09:48
Doubles...All right Roy! Phil gave you some good advice and remember...chicks dig doubles:smiley20: Your journey to the Dark Side is nearly complete.

08-01-2008, 21:27
The buoyancy specs are sans valve. Many of the other specs add in the valve.

AL plate and harness -3
Dual regs -5
Bands and manifold -5
2 x LP95 full of air or nitrox -11

-24 lbs full -10 lbs empty

Did you ever figure out how buoyant you are in your suit?

Roy, as has already been suggested you really need to find an experienced mentor to help you out with this. After seeing your many questions which I applaud you for asking but they are naive enough to show that you really need mentor rather trying to learn on the net. I would very very strongly urge you not to dive with doubles until you find a mentor.

08-05-2008, 01:45

I already got the trims worked out for both the double 95 and the double 100s. Being that my foster parents are PADI instructors, I am already well taken care of in terms of instructions and dive training. ;)