View Full Version : Ray Odor Pole spear report

07-31-2008, 21:25
I used my Ray Odor pole spear for the first few times over the last few weeks at Topsail NC. I used his 6' which is actually 7' with the tip travel pole spear and a paralyzer tip. I mostly used it inshore while both snorkeling and diving and was able to take flounder, spades, sheepsheads and tog with it up to about 5 pounds. All of my offshore diving had Sand Tigers around so I was not too keen on spearfishing. It is a blast to use, and it seems to hit like a truck and I am confident it could be used on much bigger fish. It is also much harder to use than a gun because you need to get so close. I spent a lot of time practicing on pin fish, call me cruel, but after spending my whole life fishing, I really hate those bait stealer's. I started off missing a lot of shots but by then end of the week I could hit a moving fish about 3 or 4' in front of the tip 2 out of 3 times. It is incredibly satisfying, and I would highly recommend you try it if you like to spear fish. Also, I would highly recommend doing business with Ray, his product is excellent and he is a hell of a nice guy.

07-31-2008, 21:46
Sounds great Trey!
I am heading out for abalone maņana and your post has gotten me motivated to bring along my polespear. If the kelp is too thick, I am leaving it in the truck though. I practice on Rockfish - they are very tasty and tend to just raise their dorsal fin spines as if daring you to shoot them. I oblige if they are large; and tomorrow I will find out. Ray raised his prices slightly.

07-31-2008, 22:03
So as not to get anyone too irked, I used the pins I shot for grouper bait off shore. I usually just catch a bunch on a small hook and freeze them, this year I used a pole spear. That wont really appease the hardcore animal rights activists, but I wasn't just killing them for no reason. Sorry if I offended you. On a side note, $60 shipped for a really world class pole spear seemed really reasonable to me. Especially when the Manny Pugg one sells for over $100. I think that it was well worth it.